Annika Broman, candidate nr 664


As most of us living in Northen Espoo I appreciate the nature and enjoy immensely the peaceful rural landscape surrounding my home just a short distance from all the public services.  This opportunity gives me true wellbeing. This is why I believe that Espoo should evolve but in a way that preserves the characteristics of the big little town. In the future we must have the economical stability that allows the offering of hopefully even better services and living environment.  Finland's globally recognized level of education is a prerequisite for the continued well-being of society as a whole, and entrepreneurship and innovation are more than essential for an aging age structure.


I have worked in the banking sector for most of my career, in recent years as a regulatory specialst. I have also worked as an e-commerce entrepreneur in addition to my dayjob. That is why, in addition to nature and the environment, economic and entrepreneurial issues are close to my heart. However, closest to my heart is family and time we get to spend together. There is nothing better than beeing with people that make you feel good by just being around them.


Are you looking for a candidate that says what she does and does what she says?